NAME 6303: Computer Aided Hull Design

3.00 Credit, 3 hrs. /wk.

Analytic representation of a curve, Advanced interpolation and control polygon techniques, Bezier and B-spline approximations, B-spline curve fitting.

Form parameter of curves, Development of lines plan, Parametric surface representation, Blend generation, Partial differential equation (PDE) method for surface generation, Free form surface generation, Bezier surfaces, B-spline surfaces, Non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) surfaces, Surface design with volume constraints, Gaussian curvature and surface fairness. Generation and optimization of ship hull and propeller blade geometry.

Check Equation of Propeller Geometry here

Reference Books:
  • Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics (2nd Edition) by David F. Rogers and J. Alan Adams, McGraw-Hill, 1989

  • Computational Geometry for Ships by H. Nowacki, M. I. G. Bloor and B. Oleksiewicz, World Scientific Pub, 1995

  • Design and Analysis of Propeller Blade Geometry using the PDE Method, Christopher Wojciech Dekanski, PhD Thesis, The University of Leeds, 1933